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halloween decorating - Halloween decor - Halloween decorating - Halloween party props - Halloween theme decorating ideas - Halloween Props - Halloween decorations - decorating for the holidays Halloween gifts - Give your home that haunted house feel
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halloween decorating - Halloween decor - Halloween decorating - Halloween party props - Halloween theme decorating ideas - Halloween Props - Halloween decorations - decorating for the holidays Halloween gifts
halloween home decor - halloween decorations
- isn't just a holiday -
It's a decorating theme! 
Transform your
home or bedroom
into a haunted mansion with special effects,
Halloween props,
and funny and scary novelty decor items
and have spooky Halloween
fun all year round
- isn't just a holiday -
It's a decorating theme! 
Transform your
home or bedroom
into a haunted mansion with special effects,
Halloween props,
and funny and scary novelty decor items
and have spooky Halloween
fun all year round

halloween decorations
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Happy Halloween
Things You Never Knew Existed Online Catalog
decorating for the holidays
decorating for the holidays
Even your most superstitious guests will want to cross paths with our Wild Black Cats. At a generous 19", these frenzied felines bring substantial fun to any Halloween decor display.Spooky cats feature yellow eyes, bared teeth, whiskers, and faux fur. Each Halloween cat strikes a hilariously exaggerated pose. Each cat is alarmingly charming posed on a table or on the floor. Makes a great Halloween decoration
 Uses regular tap water to start the fog rolling out the eyes and nose. Creepy color changing light effect. Includes a plastic mat that sits under fogger to reduce splashing. Also includes a splash guard that sits inside the skull.Keep water level between minimum and maximum for Skull Fogger to work properly
Pumpkin Chic: Decorating With Pumpkins and Gourds
Sophisticated and elegant autumn decorations. Whether you are an interior designer or just planning some seasonal
beauty for your home, you will be very pleased with this book. The photographs are wonderful, the instructions are
clear, and you will be inspired to create many wonderful items for your autumn or Halloween decor.

Haunt Your House For Halloween: Decorating Tricks & Party Treats
Create a charming country-style Halloween setting through your whole house, from the front yard and the entryway to the windows, mantelpiece, and table, with a little help from Haunt Your House for Halloween. More sweetly spooky
than scary, the decorations feature lots of simple, painted wood cutouts (ghosts, pumpkins, characters, rabbits, cats,
crows), easy wreaths (such as a circle of ghost-wrapped lollipops), and clever edibles (sloppy joes whose buns
masquerade as pumpkins; ghoul-aid; chocolate scaredy-snacks). Full directions and patterns with lot of ideas for
decorating your house. The majority of the items are "country" style wood cutouts. Here are 80 eerie projects - scary
decorations, ghosts by the window, ghouls in your yard and on fences and porches. Creative ideas for every room and area will make your home the area’s Halloween masterpiece. Bonus: Party recipes, favors, and costumes. “The
decorating ideas and party tips in this colorful book can make your Halloween a treat.”

Vintage Halloween Collectibles: Identification & Price Guide
Halloween was once considered an adult practice referred to as "going a-souling," but it was eventually taken up by
children who would visit the houses in their neighborhood and be given ale, food, and money. The tradition of
trick-or-treating can be traced back to the early 1900s, but the decorations of all things scary began much before that. Some time around the late 1800s pumpkins, witches, black cats, and ghouls began appearing in parades, adorning city streets, and decorating homes. Great resource for anyone who buys, sells, collects vintage Halloween!

Halloween Merrymaking: Celebration Of Fun, Food, And Frolics From Halloweens Past
Halloween was not the ghoulish, gory holiday that it is today, but rather a day of revelry when people would hold
parties for adults as well as children. Halloween decorations became widely available during the 1910's and Halloween Merrymaking presents hundreds of photographs depicting these vintage decorations.  Throughout the book writers of the times dispense advice, squarely aimed at women, on how to throw a successful Halloween party. The book even provides sample menus for different types of parties such as formal, informal, or children's. Next up is the entertainment with suggestions on music and dances and games, as well as advice on costumes.  We begin with invitations with some classic examples of period artwork depicting pumpkins, witches or black cats. Showing far more thought, as well as sophistication, magazines even gave advice on what to write, often favoring catchy little rhymes. This is a nostalgic walk back in time to an era of simplicity and fun. It's fun and educational to see how our grandparents and great-grandparents may have celebrated Halloween decades ago.

Halloween Stencils
designs for making Halloween cards, party invitations, room decorations and more

Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor
So many halloween books are geared towards kids -- it's refreshing to find one aimed at adults. And adults with  style, not just adults who like blood & gore. This book has crafts & decorations for a very elegant adult Halloween celebration. The photos are lavish, the instructions are clear, & the projects require only basic tools & sewing skills.  As a regular on TV's Bewitched, Kasey Rogers (Louise Tate) has the right pedigree to produce Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor. She and  coauthor Mark Wood have dreamed up some pretty innovative approaches to such timeworn Halloween delights as pumpkin carving, table decorating, and party giving. Rather than limit carving to traditional orange pumpkins, they offer devilish red imps made of bumpy gourds and green glow-stick eyes, or a jaunty goblin king carved of green hubbard squash. A decrepit old butler figure presides over the "graveyard tea," and the "harvest of skulls" centerpiece features a tower of grinning plastic skulls topped with drippy black (electric) candles. Smple recipes makes up the "Boo-fey," along with two versions of punch contributed by another Bewitched alumnus, Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay).  If you're into creating your own Halloween decor, this book is for you!

Halloween Fun : 101 Ideas to get in the spirit
Cute and clever ideas for decorating, costumes, and crafts for children. Inspiring ideas to
celebrate Halloween with creepy decorations, clever costumes, eerie treats to eat, and more!
100+ projects with instructions and patterns.

Halloween : The Best of Martha Stewart Living
Halloween is rivaled only by Christmas when it comes to the holidays. This book has
wonderfully dark and gothic decorations that really capture the essence and magic of
Halloween. Halloween decorating guide!

Halloween Theme Decorating Ideas and
Halloween Decorating Books
Set the scene for thrills and chills with this eerie spiderweb candleholder! Two fat black spiders perch amongst the webbing of this cleverly fashioned wire bowl, basking in your favorite candle's fitfully flickering flame. A frightfully fashionable accent that's just right for a scare or two!
Hocus Pocus: Halloween Crafts for a Spooktacular Holiday
Host a magical Halloween with this collection of frightfully fun crafts! Most of the crafts are easy enough for children
and great for school parties. Projects from shimmering beaded spiderwebs to party crackers that open with a loud
"pop!" to reveal a gush of goodies.  Use easy sewing,  stamping, and painting techniques to make 20 projects.
Decorate with mosaic lanterns, cauldron-shaped candles, and a festive banner for the front door. Conjure up the
perfect party with stylish invitations, etched glasses, pumpkin placemats, and candy-coated pretzels

101 Spooktacular Party Ideas
make planning a Halloween party easy, with 101 Spooktacular Party Ideas filled with ideas that will help you haunt your house with boo-tiful decorations, sinisterly delectable treats, play bone chilling games and make fiendishly fun crafts and party favors. More focused for children, but has ideas suitable for adults. Great ideas for indoor and outdoor decorations, also has wonderfully creative recipes. 101 Spooktacular Party Ideas features 9 outdoor decorations, 10 indoor decorations, 10 quick and easy treats, 15 make ahead treats, 10 beverage ideas, 22 relay and active games, quiet games, craft and party favors, and more!
Halloween : Grown-Up's Guide to Creative Costumes, Decor & Fabulous Festivities
Halloween book for adults. Designs show marvelous creativity and what you can do with a little imagination for
parties, decorations, and costumes. A selection of theme party ideas, from Day o' the Dead to a Masked Ball, will
make for a Happy Halloween. After all: why should kids have all the fun? How about making an English Judge's wig
out  of rolls of bathroom tissue, or a Geisha Girl costume made with old bed sheets. The costumes are all aimed at
adults and the materials list reflects making these for an adult wearer, as opposed to children. Unique make-up tips
for a ghoulishly great appearance will complete the effect.  The book has historical information about Halloween,
monsters, and other cultural things. With the fairy costume, it tells about different kinds of fairies, and how some
kinds of fairies are more dangerous than cute. Some great tips on throwing themed Halloween parties such as a
New Orleans Voodoo Cocktail party or a Day of the Dead dinner party, both with invitations, decor, libations and
food, all matching the theme. While it may be a tame for some peoples tastes, "Halloween: A Grown-Up's Guide to
Creative Costumes, Devilish Decor & Fabulous Festivities.

The Halloween Handbook : 447 Costumes
It's dress-up for grown-ups, and the liveliest, most imaginative collection of Halloween costume ideas - 447 costume
ideas to be exact - from two hip, inveterate lovers of all things Halloween . . . plus dozens of other ideas for enjoying
the holiday. There's the ultra-quick: Pin several pair of underwear to a shirt, and voilà, A Chest of Drawers. With a bit
more time, wrap yourself in aluminum foil and don a beret - mmm, French Kiss. There are Angels and Devils, all with
variations (add roller skates to your Satan costume, and go as Hell on Wheels). Celeb sightings, from the Dalai Lama
to Madonna, Costumes for couples - Sweethearts Caught on Lover's Lane, Fred and Wilma Flintstone - and costumes
for whole groups of friends, including how to appear as the Sopranos or the hapless castaways on Gilligan's Island,
Wonder Woman or Peter Pan. And for the children, check out Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, and Other Costumes.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids
One hundred easy-to-make costumes complete with matching treat bags and accessories. The color-coded, easy patterns for 3 to 12 year olds are well-organized and feature a wealth of "no-sew" shortcuts and "last-minute" solutions. Highly recommended for even the most novice costumer, Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids is enhanced further with a history of Halloween. Designs ranging from traditional and storybook characters to animals and clowns, bunnies, pirates and witches to the amusing gingerbread house, octopus, swamp monster to celestial
beings and cultural tributes, most of the costumes can be assembled without a sewing machine and in only one evening. Many of the costumes are made form Polarfleece (a perfect Halloween fabric which is soft and lightweight, slightly stretchy, warm, versatile, with no hemming or seam finished needed -- and hotglues like a dream!). Although specifically targeted for the Halloween holiday, these are delightful outfits that can well serve for costume parties and school plays at any time of year! The color pictures of the kids in the costumes are wonderful!!  Great idea!

Dazzling Disguises and Clever Costumes
A wide variety of masks, head gear, and costumes are presented, with explanations for making and combining accessories. Ordinary household tools are used, and all the materials are easy to find, collect, or buy. Projects are arranged in three groups, according to the length of time required, and all models are children. Instructions are clear, giving basic ideas, and suggesting variations and accents. Middle-grade students and adults working with younger children will be able to follow them with ease. Only one template, or pattern, is provided, so costume makers are encouraged to use their artistic skills to customize each piece. Those with some craft experience may have an easier time than novices, although the simplest procedures are always given. (Only a few costumes require any sewing; glue, staples, and tape are preferred.)

Vintage, Halloween Graphics: Vintage Holiday Graphics
Trick or treat - trip down memory lane, this book celebrates All Hallows' Eve in American graphic and print media from the early 1900s to the '60s. Featuring witches, ghouls, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns, the scariest postcards and decorations, the silliest costumes and candid photos are collected here. With an introduction tracing the unexpected history of Halloween and its traditions, Vintage Halloween is a nostalgic tribute to one of America's favorite holidays. Vintage Holiday Graphics offers one of the best collections of Olde Halloween images yet available. Drawing material from postcards, paper decorations, magazines, advertisements, package labels, private period photographs, sheet music, masks, costumes, party favors, and other varied sources, the book offers almost two hundred pages of visionary iconography, that, for many, will definitely represent the very nature of the holiday itself. Traditional images of ghosts, scarecrows, bats, fairies,pumpkins, and human tricksters in colors of orange, black, white, and green predominate, though some of the images were clearly culled from the Fifties and Sixties, and thus the occasional helmeted spaceman or antenned robot appears.

Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History
History of Halloween in America. Halloween has evolved from the Celtic celebrations of 2,000 years ago to become today the fastest-growing holiday in the country. Examines the ancient origins as well as its traditions and celebrations, from costuming to bobbing for apples. Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and witches are explained. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins lurk behind every page. The book traces the contributions of America’s immigrants to the holiday, documenting the beliefs each ethnic group has added to the mix. Related recipes, poems, songs, and photos perfectly complement the meticulously documented text. The strengths of this book have to do with the folklore of Halloween, both in the colonies and throughout young America, and with the holiday's Victorian celebration.  The result is the most educational and entertaining examination of Halloween, its myths, and its truths.  A treasure for Halloween fans

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Scare up some fun  and decorate with glow products to add a ghoulish glow, put unearthly Halloween wall scenes, Hallowee window clings on your mirrors and windows, or hang cobwebs around your doorframes to create a supernatural setting with fun
Halloween Decorations from Shindigz Party Props.
A Halloween How-To: Costumes, Parties, Decorations, and Destinations
Useful reference for adults who revel in Halloween and folks who seek to make the trick-or-treat experience a little more harrowing for unsuspecting children in costume.  Trick-or-treat night! Haunted house week! Dress up and pretend night for grown-ups! Chapters on decorating the house and yard, pumpkins, DIY costumes, parties, music, movies, recipes, actual expeditions to haunted locations, myths and monsters, Invitations, theme party ideas, games that are actually fun, fortunes and favors, sound effects, lighting ... it's all here. The decoration ideas are not the same old tired ones we are used to seeing and are easy to create. There's even a long list of clever epitaphs for your frontyard gravestones. The pumpkin chapter loaded with wonderful ideas, plus legends and how-tos. Innovative, funny, spooky and easy costumes are found in abundance in this book - did you know bird-seed makes the best false bosom? Need a recipe for some good fake blood? Choose from quick and easy blood, soaking and spreading blood, or cheap two ingredient blood with a bit of concentrated coffee for realism. Do you want dead skin, rotting skin, or old wrinkled skin? No problem - unique decoration ideas here that will help make your party shine. Excellent recipes for party foods for Halloween that are fun. Listing of classic Halloween horror videos broken down into categories, a list of spooky classical music for Halloween atmosphere, a list of the best Halloween scary stories. There's even a list of places reputed to actually be haunted ... if you have the courage!

The Halloween Book
Halloween craft book for kids - DIVIDED INTO 3 CATEGORIES : LIGHTS AND DECORATIONS, DRESSING UP, AND PARTY TIME. There are descriptions and photos of additions to fairy, pirate, witch, vampire, and ghost costumes, with elaborate face painting and perfectly cut-out, acrylic-painted, paper-plate masks. Refreshments include sausage fingers, "bread roll monsters," gorgeous-looking creepy cupcakes, and "cauldron cocktails." Finally, there are instructions for a shadow theatre and other traditional party games. The photographs are stunning, but all of the projects look like they were made by adults or particularly handy, older children.

The MEOW will be able to be heard for miles when guests get a load of this giant Animated Airblown Black Cat crouching at your next party or event!
Triple threat for haunting trick-or-treaters! Scare off the competition this Halloween with a "boo"tiful set of three ghostly lawn ornaments
ghastly glow of our gang of gauzy ghosts, each with a bright flashing LED alternating blue, red and green light from the head. Gauzy white poly fabric lends an eerie glow to these specters
Halloween Lace Shrouds For Windows, Tables & Lamps
search at Plow & Hearth
Halloween Chair And Table Leg Covers
Halloween Gala Collection’s Valance and Lampshade Topper feature frightening embroidery with a ghoulish Gothic fringe that can be shortened in length with the included ribbon to fit your table, lampshade, mantel or window
Design theme? Bats. More bats, and still more bats!
Pumpkin Orange Jack O' Lantern, handcrafted utilizing the copperfoil construction process, is a charming accent lamp and hauntingly beautiful work of art.
Set a scary table with our spider web lace table lines. Mix and match pieces to create a perfectly frightful scene, halloween decorations.
bony fellow's grinning every time the paper's spinning. Spooky toilet paper holder is a most unexpected addition to your bathroom; a daring decorator's dream come true!
Creepy is as creepy does when you decorate with this majestically macabre Midnight Lace Mantle Scarf! Scarf includes a small battery pack with 9 attached lights so you can position the lights any way you like.
Decorate this Halloween with our Corex Crypt Silhouette and Graveyard Fence, Halloween Props
Haunted House Props for Bone-Chilling Scares
Design each room with a different haunted house prop for the maximum scare factor. Be sure to have a shovel and broom on hand. After experiencing ShindigZ haunted house decorations and haunted house props, guests will need their eye balls swept off the floor. Shop for Halloween decorations!
Shop for Halloween decorations!
Flying Bats halloween decorating props
Add a dash of panache with our whimsical Halloween leg covers, cleverly designed to look like witch legs and feet. These 100% polyester socks slip right over any chair or table legs just like a sock for instant color and fun. Coordinate these socks with our Halloween chair bows for some added spook! Set of two includes one each, orange and purple.
Keep this ceramic Halloween candy bowl by the front door for trick-or-treaters. The dish features debossed scrollwork on the base and debossed spiders dancing on the edge.
Red lights inside the words fade in and out for an ethereal glow. Light weight foam sign runs on 3 AAA batteries, not included. Features plastic chain for hanging on your covered porch.
Lighted metal wall decor features cut out accents that allows the spooky green glow shine through from behind.
A festive decoration that will put a grin on any monster's face!  Cover that ordinary porch light with this festive Sparkling Pumpkin Light Cover. Cover is made of plastic that gives it a "sparkling"
Black Widow Spider Web Bedding Collection

grab a bargain

grab a bargain
Halloween Costumes by ShindigZ
Take a shot, if you dare with these spooky 3D skull shot glasses.
Put a fresh face on your jack-o'-lanterns - with this kit, children can join in the creative process, too. Kids love working with the big colorful wooden features (eyes, ears, noses, lips, and more) - there are enough pieces to create five different countenances (including Frankenstein's, neck bolts and all) or mix and match to create your own special expressions. Pieces attach by varnished wooden dowels; parents can help make a hole for the dowels using a nail or screwdriver.
Set of 4 creepy crawlers make sensational settings for the warm glow of tealight candles
Halloween candles
Feathered Crows
Crafted in the folk art tradition, this fun and festive black cat pillow makes a great decorative Halloween accent for your home. Crafted in the applique technique of wool with mesh accents, that gives the pillow more of a dimensional feel. This is a Halloween accent you will treasure for years to come.
Hauntingly beautiful, this standing ghost is a vision of Halloweens long gone by. Is she a jilted bride or an eerie reminder of fading beauty? This Halloween decoration is the perfect way to haunt your house for a holiday party and will make fright night a real scream for trick-or-treaters. The standing ghost girl has plastic features, flashing red eyes and wears a flowing polyester gown with tattered creepy cloth headdress and long veil. Includes plastic stand with telescoping metal support pole.
huge, motion-activated Spooky Tree steals the show at Halloween. When unsuspecting Halloween visitors arrive, this tree will startle them by coming to life with a soundtrack full of eery noises. With drooping branches and a moaning face in the middle of the trunk, this outdoor Halloween décor is a frightful sight on or off. Wire frame with fabric and plastic details.
Motion-Activated Tree With Eerie Soundtrack
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Create a morbid Butcher Shop Scene anywhere!
The Light Up Orange Glitter Garland includes black spray with 16 color LEDs and orange glitter lights with orange glitter. 2 "AA" batteries. Does not include spider, pumpkins, spider web.
Jeepers Creepers! Everyone will want these peepers! Includes 3 different flashing eye sets on a 9' long UL Listed green AC Cord. Each set flashes individually and the eyelids rotate

Halloween gifts and Halloween Party Props