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Light up the romance in your medieval castle with  ......
Paint It Black: A Guide To Gothic Homemaking
Home decorating will never be the same. Close your curtains! Throw away your  summery linens! Forget about those white eyelet pillow covers! And for Gothís sake, buy some black lights! Voltaire is here to help you with your home decorating dilemmas, guide you through the hardware stores and decorating centers (which are so difficult for Goths to navigate), and lay it all out on the line about which shade of black goes with which shade of black. In this world of pastels and plaids, itís so hard for Goths to find anything aesthetically appealing. You go in search of Edward Gorey and wind up with an eyeful of Eddie Bauer. With Voltaireís Paint It Black you can turn the unbearably mundane into the delightfully macabre with little more than a touch of creativity and a can of black spray paint.

Gothic Style
The revival of Gothic style, which began in the eighteenth century, has been associated with a range of rationales that run from striking horror to reaching for the heavens. Mahoney, senior editor for House Beautiful, has produced an impressively illustrated survey of the Gothic style that starts with examples from the English landscape garden and ends with the "transformation" of Gothic in the U.S. since the Civil War. Mahoney vividly describes the personalities of notable architects and designers.

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Gothic Cathedral Arch Mirror
Victorian Gothic House Style: Interior Design for Home Owners
Discover how to recreate and restore authentic period architecture, furnishings and detailing in the Victorian Gothic  style. Victorian Gothic House Style provides the ideal source of inspiration and reference for anyone wishing to re- create or preserve Gothic houses and interiors with style and confidence. Picturesque castles and cathedrals with spiky towers, high-gabled roofs and medieval ornament provided just the escape needed from all the rigours and  gritty reality of the industrial revolution.

Gothic Revival - Art and Ideas
At the height of the Victorian period, a craze for Gothic style swept England and spread far beyond. Gothic architecture,associated with the social and cultural ideals of the Middle Ages, was seen as a means of remaking the modern world. Gothic history in the 17th century to Barry and  Pugin's Houses of Parliament in the mid-19th century. Yet Gothic is not just buildings: continually recreated, it  has taken the form of poetry and fiction, of painting and sculpture, of  movies and video games, of Gothic music  and Gothic punk. Gothic became a dominant cultural and architectural force not only in 19th-century Britain, but  across Europe, in the United States and in the countries of the British Empire. This book deals comprehensively with the Gothic Revival. To truly understand Art Nouveau (and its successor, Art Deco) in the organic forms first created by neo-Gothic architects. If you wishe to better understand 19th and early 20th century architecture (and perhaps their own local parish church building), this is a very good introduction to the subject. Fantastic introduction to or  review of the contraditory meanings of "Gothic Style" after the Middle Ages.

Traditional Stained Glass Designs
Beautiful patterns in this book are rendered directly from historic homes. The patterns are  organized into five sections:  Art Nouveau, Victorian Geometric, Victorian Floral, Edwardian and  The Twenties. All patterns are for windows, doors,  sidelights and the like. There are no craft,  amp or jewelry projects included in the book. Black and white designs

Stained Glass : From its Origins to the Present
Covers the development of stained glass from early medieval time through the present day. This is a reference book. You will not find patterns or techniques in it; and it does not examine any particular set of windows in depth; but it does frame the development of style and technology.

Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electric Wall Sconce
Blackfriar's Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp
Color is our friend -  purple works very well in the Gothic Bedroom
create your own Gohic fantasy bedroom  in your personal decorating style!
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Gothic Prayer Wall Sculpture
Wrought Iron Candelabra Candle Holde - dramatic Acanthus candelabra is crafted of wrought iron with an antiqued rustic finish. Features a twisted iron and acanthus leaf design. Holds 5 taper candlesr
Dark Dawning Vampire in the Coffin Black Table Lamp - vampire bedroom decor - gothic bedroom furniture
Day of The Dead Ballroom Girl Figurine
Alchemy Gothic Jewelry Stand-unique decorations gothic style bedrooms - An unquestioning servant arisen from its stifling grave in devoted supplication to its pampered mistresses assistance. A dramatically different and substantial jewelry stand poised to be casually draped with all the rings and necklaces of any special haunting value.
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Vampire Bat Wall Sculpture - vampire bedroom decor
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coffin bookshelf - Coffin Jewelry Armoire - gothic bedroom deco - purple gothic bedroom accessories. Gothic style bedroom purple Gothic Victorian bedroom
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Gothic Skull Knobs skull decor gothic bedroom decor
Mr skull coffin pillow   gothic decor -  gothic bedroom accessories
Gothic Skull Cameo Wall Decal   gothic decor -  gothic bedroom accessories
Gothic Cathedral Lamp   gothic decor -  gothic bedroom accessories
              gothic decor -  gothic bedroom accessories
Gothic Skull Lady drawer knobs  gothic decor -  gothic bedroom accessories
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Vampire Cardboard Cutout Standup vampire bedroom accessories
Gothic Bed Side Table gothic bedroom furniture
debonair vampire costume - 
Victorian Vampiress Child - Child Victorian Vampiress includes: gothic gown with lace-up bodice and flowing inset, drape sleeves with gold trim and choker with stand up collar. Available in child sizes - 
Batavia Elite Collection Adult - A beautiful creation, with an abundance of style and gothic grace.

This elegant gown is a fully finished garment, flowing full length, zippered back, strapless gown made from Black velvet and Gray shimmer satin with boning to hold shape of bodice. Also includes fingerless spandex gloves with attached web like mesh cape, full tulle petticoat, and jeweled bat medallion on a Black velvet chocker.
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Gothic - Camelot - Knights & Dragons - Medieval Times Theme bedroom decorating ideas
Gothic - Camelot - Knights & Dragons - Medieval Times Theme bedroom decorating ideas
Castle Dragon Iron Wall Sconces
The Dragon of Upminster Castle Throne Chair
Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table
Have your vampire standing behind your bed, in a corner, attached to the wall or back of the door.
Hmmm, what about the ceiling?
DESIGN TOSCANO  filled with the quirky - scary and gory
Furnish the gothic bedroom with
antique gold metal - silver - bronze
- dark woods - wrought iron - stone

Paint gothic arches, faux brick walls
or decorate with stone wallpaper

Dress the bed with rich deep toned
luxurious bedding and textured fabrics.
Velvets, Brocades,  netting, canopy
over or surrounding the bed.

Furnish your Gothic home with
steeple style furniture. Gothic Arches  -
Wall Sconce. Candelabras - candle
holders.Ornate Carved picture frames.
Tapestry wall hangings. Decorative
wrought iron wall grilles. Gargoyles -
Dragons - Swords - Goblets - Candles -
Celtic Cross - Suit of armor - Banners -

And for the darker side of Goth, skulls
and coffins, bats and biugs.

Adorn windows with Iron curlicue scroll
curtain rods, heavy drapes, big  tassles
and fleur de lis finials.

There are quite a few different decorating options for creating your Gothic themed bedrooms.

It's not all black doom and gloom!

Color Palette for Gothic Bedrooms  - black being the main color can be accented with - red, burgundy, purple, blue, green, tan, gold.

With a touch of creativity and a mix of the macabre, Gothic rooms can be fun, dark, light, mystical or haunting, it just depends on your personal style.....

Gothic Glam
Victorian Boudoir
Vampires Lair
Draculas Castle
Goth style
Movie themed
Modern Gothic

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