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With a little decorative creativity you can create an enchanting world of exotic and colorful interiors.

Spice up your home decor with an international flair and decorate
with an Eclectic-Ethnic touch to create a  unique travel theme inspired living space with a mix of colours, textures and objects from different cultures.

There are no hard-and-fast rules when decorating your bedroom or home. The style, theme or color in which you decorate your bedroom is a personal thing. You may like traditional fabrics and wallcoverings but dislike frills, or you  may prefer an opulent air with heavy brocade or damask bed draperies and even a chandelier, or a simple bedroom containing nothing more than simple storage and a comfortable bed. Whatever you decide, there is an array of soft furnishings and decorative accessories available to help you create your fun travel theme room.

Passport to Adventure
Ethnic Style
Create an aromatic and exotic color scheme with your home decor - saffron, cinnamon,
nutmeg, ginger with earthen gold, warm brown and a dash of bottle green. The warm
tones heat up large cold rooms. And its range of colors from chili red to sari pink work
well with an eclectic blend of contemporary furniture, family heirlooms or prized
antiques.A spicy decorating scheme is warm and
eclectic. The mix of earth colors
complement and enhance the collection of international fabrics and accessories.


Get creative with world cultures -
Bring a mix of  global landmarks into your home -
African, Indian, Native American, Mexican, Asian,  Egyptian, New York, London, Rome, Tokyo, Paris

Transportation travel:: Trains, cruise ships, airplanes

This is a fun theme to create for the
office, bathroom, bedroom and
especially the guest room.

travel decorations - ethnic style decorating ideas - eclectic bedroom Ideas - travel themed bedroom kids theme bedroom decorating ideas - global bazaar style decorating home ideas - girls rooms - boys rooms - baby toddler nursery themes - teens themes - travel theme decorating ideas -  adult theme bedroom style ideas geography
travel theme, ethnic decorating fun Moroccan Eclectic Decorating Style ethnic decorating ethnic style bedroom ethnic-bedroom Ethnic African home decor Egyptian accents Eclectic decorating ideas Moroccan home accents Exotic
Ethnic  Style
Travel Theme

Ethnic  Style
Travel Theme

Creating the bedroom of your dreams  ...
add some spice to your home with vibrant  color and creative design ideas from around the world.
travel bedroom decorations landmarks-posters-travel-theme-bedroom-wall-decorations - bull fighters of spain, eiffel tower of paris, pyramids of egypt, cherry blossoms from the orient

Major Cities World Time Zone Land Elevation and Distance Up-to-Date Political Boundaries Ocean Depths & Shipping Lanes Nautical Miles/Longitude & Latitude. The Panels can be rearranged for different continental emphasis - choose the American, or European/African, or Asian continents as your focus. Map can be trimmed to fit any wall, and works well even around doors and windows. World Map Wall Mural-travel-theme-decorating-ideas
Give your party a hip, metropolitan feel with the help of great items like Skyscraper Columns, trendy lampposts, city-themed murals and background settings, also great city-themed party favors and tableware options!

Fun wall stickers to decorate your travel the globe theme bedrooms
Blend Rich Details into Your Decor with this Decorative Decorative Box Set. Perfect for Storing Memories and Keepsakes, the Living Room, Bedroom and Office, Storing Keys. Made of Wood
Hansa Toys offers a unique collection of hand crafted, highly realistic and very cuddly plush toys representing animals from around the world. From towering giraffes to precious kittens, Hansa has created a vast series of extremely lifelike and realistic creatures for everyone to enjoy. Ride a lion, pat a panda bear or play hide and seek with a moose! Your children will love the wonderful world of Hansa Toys - click here
Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Eiffel Tower 6.6 feet tall
Black and White prints and posters - travel theme bedding
Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Empire State Building NYC Skyline - travel theme bedding

Antique Brass Antique Brass Globe Touch Lamp - Add worldly charm to your home office or library. This unique lamp features a 3 level touch sensor. Requires a type E-12 15 watt light bulb, which is not included. Available in an Antique Brass finish with Beige globe, or Polished Brass finish with Blue globe
Decorating books to help decorate your travel the globe theme bedrooms
travel bedroom decorations Explore the oceans and continents of the world on this brightly colored rug designed to teach basic geography. Featuring vivid colors and an imaginative map of the world, this rug is sure to bring life and creativity into any classroom or playroom.
Love traveling the United States? Are you a collector of state license plates? Then this License Plate Map of the U.S. would be a great addition to your home decor! Made of very sturdy composite wood with a map of the U.S. and the license plates for each state printed on their corresponding state. This eye-catching piece has a horizontal wooden board-like graphic overlay in the background to look as if the artwork was hung onto the faux planks of wood. This awesome piece can be hung in any room and comes ready to hang with a wall hook on each of the top two corners. It would make a great gift for dad or any collector. Could be used as eclectic wall art for a restaurant or pub too!
World coin collection - decorate with  a  mix of old and new foreign notes and coins
ethnic style decorating ideas, eclectic decorating home ideas, mixed with tropical asia, rustic french country, oceanic greek style

vinyl, peel and stick, wall decals is a wonderful addition to any room. A total of 12 self-adhesive stickers which are removable (Parthenon, Coliseum, San Marco Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa and others). Use the stickers to create your own mural. Use everywhere: walls, desks, doors, and mirrors.
Fun decorations for your travel the globe theme bedrooms
Wall Art Sticker Australian Koala Bear-fun wall decorations travel theme decorating.
Customize and personalize your surroundings with this versatile and very classy set of powder silver peel and stick letters. Write a name, or a saying on walls, furniture, accessories, mirrors, windows
Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Eiffel Tower Decor-travel-theme-bedroom-wall-decorations
This 3D freestanding building is made out of sturdy black corrugate with shiny silver windows, it stands at an impressive 8' tall x 4' wide x 4' deep! - City Skyline with Lights - Metro Magic 3D Building
Decal is 53" X 21"
Reading in bed will never be the same again. Passport features newspaper headlines from around the world. Bedding is done in a traditional newspaper print of black and white and is 100% Cotton and machine washable. One side is a white background with black print and the other side is done on a rich black background with a white print.
Destination London wall mural travel themed bedrooms
I Love London Guitar Rock Star Deco Wall Stickers
Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker World Map Globe Earth Country
London Bridge 10ft  wall mural sticker
Voyage by North Home will take you to all of your favorite places each night. Colorful and intriguing, the Voyage is a great addtion to a travellers bedroom setting.
New Retro Modern Yellow US New York Taxi Photo Decorative Pillow Case Cushion Cover
 comes in 6 each of a suitcase, eiffel tower, leaning tower of pisa and a passport. Very Decorative pieces that will add a nice touch to your home, office or bulletin board
Leaning Tower of Pisa Architectural Wire Sculpture Doodles Destinations
World Map with Flags-world map wall mural-travel theme bedroom wall decorations
ethnic style decorating ideas - eclectic bedroom Ideas - travel themed bedroom kids theme bedroom decorating ideas - global bazaar style decorating home ideas - girls rooms - boys rooms - baby toddler nursery themes - teens themes - travel theme decorating ideas -  adult theme bedroom style ideas
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British Telephone Booth Display Cabinet search at design toscano
British Telephone Booth Display Cabinet-london wall mural - British Telephone Booth Authentic Replica design toscano
Few style choices -
- old world vintage style with
sepia tones, tea stained walls

- modernistic black and white
with a splash of a third  color choice

- or just totally fun, loud and
  zanily colorful

 vintage camera bookend, are also storage boxes
Stencil or use wall stickers  on
your walls with phrases from around the world - (bonjour, good day, konnichi-wa, buenos dias, guten tag, etc)

posters  of landmarks from around the world -  (Taj Mahal, windmills, The Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Tower of London, Leaning Tower
of Pisa, etc.)

Hang city name plaques on the wall.
Cover your walls with
city murals or
mural size world maps

Create your own unique shadow boxes with your acquired mementos, keepsakes and souvenirs from travels abroad
wall letter decorations
Create a decorative border with your holiday snaps or paint a road  curving around the walls and at different points on the road, place your holiday pictures with
fun wall decals  of  all your adventures, such as an eiffel tower, city skyline, safari animals, pyramids, chop sticks, city scenes, those cute little drink umbrellas

Accent with vintage  suitcases
covered with decorative luggage tags
and  labels, of the old days of
steamer travel and world cruises,
makes for great storage and a
unique side table

Make creative bed covers, scatter cushions with postage stamps, window treatments, with
smart storage and decor set that captures the romance of classic steamer trunk detailing. Each of these three suitcases incorporates brass-finished details, faux leather straps, and bold, handsome accents that look at home on a world-class cruise or right in your living room. Graduated sizes allow neat stacking; inside, velvety-soft lining protects your keepsakes. Lockable latches
Decorative world globes  and neon lights for some fun lighting
Display plush animals  or
lifesize plush animals  from
around the globe

Decoupage hotel pamphlets
, travel tickets, post cards,
money, onto your headboard cupboard doors
or create a coin collection collage on
your desk, side table or vanity and
cover with a glass top
plush animals from around the world-fun toys
Exotic Style  - Bringing Global Style Home
Adventure into vibrant worlds of beautiful color and creative design ideas from around the
world. Merge east and west with exotic decor thats perfect for dreaming grand dreams.

Tropical Asian Style  - Oriental influences, with its vivid yellows, glowing reds, cool blues, and
lush greens will create a relaxed, harmonious retreat. Oriental style has two faces, it can be
either cleanly minimalist or sumptuousluy sensual.

Chinoiserie, is the name given to the western interpretation of Chinese and Japanese
furnishings, artefacts and ornamentation.  Oriental style - lacquerware and embroidered silks

Japanese, colors of this palette are influenced by the materials used in the construction of the traditional Japanese home - wood and paper. The style is subtle and concentrates on cleanliness and simplicity. Key colors blood red, green black and white, red or black lacquerware, dark wood, paper screens, futon bed and low level furniture

South American Latin Style
Awashed in bright colors and bold shapes - "a resting place for the rainbow" Paradiso is the
lush abundance of the rain forest, filled with life of every kind. Hacienda is the old world, brick
and stone elegance of ranches and country estates set in a rugged landscape. Cabana
evokes the cool of the ocean with endless white beaches, turquoise water, and tropical fruits.
Pueblo reflects the sun-drenched colors of the marketplace, folk art, colonial architecture,
and quiet courtyards. Southwest style, which goes beyond the pastel Native American design.

greek style decorating - eclectic style decorating ideas - beach theme bedrooms - rustich style decorating ideas
South American Latin Style - spanish style decorating - mexican style decorating ideas - South American style decorating ideas
Global Vintage Travel Art Prints Posters England Paris Airplane Train
Moroccan style
The colors of this North African country are rich and vibrant, inspired by the various blues of the Atlantic Ocean bordering it to the north and the sandy tones of the Sahara desert to the south. Architectural features include archways and wooden fretwork screens and shutters. Traditional furniture focuses on the daybed and cushions. Hand woven carpets and rugs are an important feature of Moroccan home. They are used in numerous ways as wall hangings, table covers, on floors and for upholstery and cushions.Moroccan style - Harem style scheme should include strong jewel colors reminiscent of the heat of the Mediterranean, fabrics embossed with gold or featuring Arabic motifs, "magic carpets"  to add detailing to the floor and accessories in ornately carved dark wood and burnished copper.  Bedouin  Tent style - in hot vivid colors with muslin drapes, richly patterned furnishings, Moroccan rug as a wallhanging, cushions trimmned with tassels and a few pieces  of pottery with a romatnic glow from candles in decorative holders.

Blending ethnic African with British Colonial Style
Romantic splendor of old World elegance. Taking inspiration straight from the African savannah, this theme is based on the natural tones, textures and designs of traditonal tribal art. Jazz up the rustic bedroom  with tribal prints and paintings, wicker baskets, carved masks and family photos. For a truly tropical  flavor, fill your room with solid wooden or wicker style furniture and bring the jungle indoors with leafy palms in wicker pots, and for the windows, louvred shutters, perfect for a continental or colonial look. Choose fabrics with natural fibres and ethnically inspired designs, such as an indian style bedspread, silky cushions and don't forget the animal prints and a flowing bed canopy of gauzy net adds a touch of colonial romance. 
Mediterranean interiors

French country  home is a potpourri of bountiful bouquets, treasured books,
photographs, scented candles and tabletop antiques. Scrolled iron work, carved armoires, towering hutches and buffets. Powdery blues with yellow and white - the bedroom can be simple or elegant, blissfully romantic and thoroughly feminine.  With ribbon bows and lace panels billowing to the floor, European pillows, pure white, embroidered bed sheets, and definitely a bolster and lace edged duvet to enrich the feeling of a retreat and a touch of toile should be seen on the bed with a flowing bed canopy. Window Shutters create a continental air as well as providing a stylish window accent. The louvered variety allows plenty of light through and can be folded back individually, offering flexibility as curtains. Wooden shutters can be painted in any color to match the bedroom color scheme.

Tuscany, the region of central west Italy. Many of the colors associated with this area are named after the places whose soil and ores were the sources of color. Raw sienna is a reddish pigment that comes from the iron and manganese rich earth around the town of Siena. When roasted in a furnace, the pigment becomes richer, darker and more brilliant and then known as burnt sienna. The clay, sand and minerals of the region also provide
umber, a greenish-brown color, yellow ochre, a muddy mustard yellow and the warm
orange-hued terracotta. Walls and surfaces in this part of Italy are painted with
these pigment finishes or with the paint equivalent, and tend to be matt with
graduated, uneven washes of color that give a time-worn, sun-baked appearance.
Fabrics are often dyed with printed in greens, blues and lavenders - inspired by
the vines, olives and fields of lavender that grow n the region.

Greek Style
Variations on the classic blue and dazzling white palette, relaxed, simple, harmonious,
rustic with durable decor. Hallmarks of this refreshingly unpretentious style - pastel
textured walls, pebbled floors, fretwork window screens, studded doors, mosaic
tabletops and accented with an eclectic mix and exotic touch (a filigreed lantern,
Moroccan dishware, a kilim rug, Moorish arches, Spanish-style wrought ironwork,
bold simplicity with textural contrasts, will bring the Mediterranean into your home.

Aluminum clock with four dials displaying different time zones. Comes with a set of interchangeable magnets to allow you to select the time zone of your choice.
Aluminum wall clock has an image of the world on the face and clock with black hour markers and hands. 5 different time zones in dials below. Includes the time for London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and New York.
travel bedroom decorations World Map Mural Vintage Retro Discoveries Casual World Traveler Comforter Set
travel theme Decorative Print Square Pillow Cover Case Cushion Cove
Eiffel Tower Cushion Cover
World Map Design rug  travel bedroom decorations
Exotic Style - Global Style Home decorating ideas - asian theme decorating, oriental style decorating tropical asian style decorating
travel bedroom decorations
Earth shape Chandelier wrought iron Circular globe - earth shape globe light travel bedroom decorations

Fun decorations for your travel the globe theme bedrooms
Three wooden planes; Lockheed Winnie Mae, Pan Am China Clipper, and the Douglas DC3 all gracefully glide around our 1920s globe, all hand applied gores
Gilles Robert de Vaugondy and his son Didier were the leading mapmakers in France during the 1700's. Didier was appointed geographer to Louis XV. All AM globes are made using original charts, researched by AM for their historical accuracy and visual appeal. A faithful reproduction of their cartography, it would look beautiful hanging in any room. This 18th century replica globe comes with bronzes axis, engraved pole caps and classic hooks for hanging
travel theme wall decal stickers - variety
travel themed bedding travel bedroom decorations - BIG BEN London bedding -  paris bedding - australia bedding - italy bedding
Paris London Eiffel Tower New York City France Europe Big Ben Car Double Decker Red Bus 3 Panel Set Wall Art Decor Canvas
Paris Effiel Tower Canvas Painting Picture City Building London Bridge Big Ben Landscape Wall Art