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Hollywood At Home
Hollywood At Home  is a collection of profiles of famous stars and their homes. Offering an intimate look at some of the silver screen's most fascinating personalities, as reflected in their lavish, inventively designed, and, at times, outrageously opulent homes. Starlets from the early days of Hollywood on up to some of today's biggest names. Great fun is to be had gazing at the opulence of some of the stars' homes, from Cher's eternity pool (which viewed from her terrace looks as though it reaches the ocean) to the many paintings that decorated the walls of GretaGarbo's New York apartment. Not all of the celebrities profiled here were ostentatious - Clark Gable and Carole Lombard purposely cultivated a simple image with their ranch. And the true attention grabbers are the more unusual celeb
abodes, like Angelica Huston and
Robert Graham's angular, modern
dwelling or Jayne Mansfield's pink-
carpeted bathroom. Mixing the old with
the new-from Jean Harlow and
Clark Gable to StevenSpielberg and,
more recently, Diane Keaton-Hollywood
at Home provides an up-close-and-
personal room-by-room tour of the
private residences of such Tinseltown
immortals as Humphrey Bogart and
Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant and Randolph
Scott, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart,
Katharine Hepburn, Dennis Quaid, and
Cher. Our endless fascination with the
lifestyles of  the rich and famous
continues unabated, and this glamorous
book will enthrall celebrity watchers as
well as those interested in architecture
and design.

Hollywood Style

Say the word "Hollywood" and glamorous, sparkling, lavish images come to mind. In Hollywood Style. While these inspiring interiors offer opulence, they also feature witty design creativity, inventive architecture, and a chic sensibility that are a welcome respite from the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood.  An exciting and inspiring look at glamour behind the scenes, Hollywood Style is a stunning tribute to stylein all its decadence.
Create the glamour and mystique of Hollywood in your home and  design a lavish bedroom, bathroom or  dressing room befitting a Starlet, filled with all the fantasy, glitz and glamour thats speaks of Hollywood, or design a fun movie theme playroom for the kids, teens or adults, filled with popcorn, novelty cinema style seating, movie posters, movie theme costumes displayed on the walls, and loads of decorating props & movie memorabilia.

Paint the starlets room in soft colors of pink or peach with contrasting black accents and gold, silver and mirrored furniture pieces, and shimmery accents, sequins and velvet.

Line your walkways or hallways with this Red Carpet Aisle Runner. It's perfect for a Hollywood theme party! The washable red plastic roll is 3' wide x 50' long and has a pulling loop.
Red Carpet Aisle Runner
Popcorn Knob-fun-movie-theme-bedroom-decorating-accents
Admit One Knob-movie-theme-bedroom-decorating-cinema-room
Directors Slate Knob-hollywood-style-decorations
Film Knob-hollywood-style-decorative-accents
Light your bathroom and bedroom brilliantly with this chic fixture. Its a sleek and sophisticated look. dressing room mirror with lights
Old Hollywood Glam - movie themed bedroom designs - hollywood theme

movie-theme-bedroom-decorations-hollywood movie style decorating
Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys Wall Vinyl Decal - 50's Hollywood theme room
Decorate bedroom walls with wall decal stickers
hollywood-starlets-hollywood glam movie style decorating

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classic black fused with clear glass and light! Enjoy a cascade of clear glass hanging accents and glass beads framed in black. The draping of beads adds a magical touch to this sweet light fixture.
Soft plush black star-shaped pillow. Gold thread embroidery reads:" Hollywood" on the front.
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hollywood bedding for girls
Hollywood glamour decorating bedroom theme -  Old Hollywood style bedrooms - movie theme bedrooms home theatre furniture - hollywood decorating ideas - old hollywood glam style bedroom ideas
Create your own
Hollywood movie play room or
starlet dressing room
Create your own
Hollywood movie play room or
starlet dressing room
Create your own
Hollywood movie play room or
starlet dressing room
hollywood bedroom theme decorating ideas - movie theme bedrooms - hollywood glam bedrooms - mirrored furniture - audrey hepburn wall murals - hollywood decorations - old hollywood glam style bedroom ideas
Chandelier Wall Graphic by Blik Surface Graphics turns plain, flat surfaces into whimsical wallscapes with self-adhesive decals that put playful design into the hands of those who want peel-n-place results. Graphics can be affixed to any flat surface, including walls, windows, tables, and mirrors and are easily removed
A classic look that's elegant in traditional and modern interiors. Add a touch of personalization to your home with this beautiful Circle Monogram wall decal. Wonderful Graffiti™ is made of very, very thin pieces of vinyl. A light adhesive holds each vinyl piece firmly to most hard, smooth surfaces until you're ready to remove them. Vinyl makes Graffiti flexible, durable and washable. It's extreme thinness and matte finish make Wonderful Graffiti look as though it's been printed on your surface. (And not like vinyl at all.) The text arrives prepositioned and transfers all at once; no individual letters to place. The labels won't damage walls or surfaces and won't fade, crack or peel.
•The panels are designed of quality fabric in a modish design with gold coloring in a square pattern, accented with shell buttons, dressing room screen hollywood glam style-Beau Monde Screen
marquee system for the Home Theater. Our 24" w x 11.5" marquee features 2 sets of channel slots to arrange the included 2" letters and announce your current feature! The included 96 piece letter pack offers a good balance of common letters and numbers to spell out your current feature, or post a message for a special occasion.
Mark the entrance to your own home theater area with this grand lighted marquee. Available in five colors you’re sure to find the one that will suit your needs perfectly.
Home Theater Decorating Accents
Give your home an authentic movie theater feel with this rear illuminated poster case. With a variety of color options you will be able to customize it to suit your needs perfectly
Walk of Fame Star Clock hollywood megastore
home theatre wall decorations-Museum Series Rear Illuminated Poster Case-movie theme decorating
Brighten up areas of your home theater with this miniature spotlight lamp. A scaled down version of what they use on the movie sets this miniature spotlight will be the perfect addition to your home theater.
Brighten up areas of your home theater with this projector accent lamp. A scaled down version of what they use on the movie sets this miniature projector will be the perfect addition to your home theater.
Action! Adjustable anodized aluminum shade with chrome-plated metal protective grill. Chrome plated metal pole extends from black metal tripod to adjust height by turning the key.
Filmstrip Sconce - fun lighting hollywood style
And Cut! For all you aspiring directors, movie freaks, and people just interested in funky looking clocks. Natural Air Man presents this director's clapper-board shaped alarm clock.  Looking and acting exactly like a director digital slate, this cool looking desktop accessory displays the date, and the time all the way down to deci-seconds. Wow What A Lot Of Fun !
Add a touch of the movie to your TV room with these theatrical inspired throws. Their large size will keep you warm on even the coldest of nights.
Home Theater Decorating Accents
Hollywood Theme Party Decorating Props and Hollywood Party Decorations
•Place razzle-dazzle, Hollywood theme décor -
(movie clapboards, movie cameras, spotlights, palm trees, director's chairs, film cans, top hats and canes, and feather boas) throughout the event.

•Sprinkle stars in all sizes over entryways, tables, ceilings, and walls. Tuck star party confetti inside invitations, too. Star garland, die-cut stars, star balloons and star theme gossamer fabric help to create a magical, Hollywood theme.

•Life-sized, celebrity standups of Hollywood legends are Hollywood decorations made for Tinsel Town. Guests can take their pictures next to Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or Humphrey Bogart!

•Hang black & white, 8" x 10", glossy photographs of Hollywood legends.

•ShindigZ sells hundreds of Hollywood decorations in silver and gold including glittery metallic curtains and inexpensive, star-shaped chandeliers!
Hollywood theme decor - movie clapboards, movie cameras, spotlights, palm trees, director's chairs, film cans, top hats and canes,  feather boas
Hollywood Entrances & Arches - Hollywood theme props - Marilyn Monroe Hollywood party theme decorations Hollywood theme parties
Home Theater Decor Hollywood, Camera and Clapboard Metal Wall Art
Movie Ticket Home Theater Decor Metal Wall Art-fun wall decorations home theatre
Velvet Blackout Home Theater window curtain is a lovely and versatile choice with the added benefit of blackout. Multi-purpose blackout lining offers many advantages: blocks outdoor light and reduces noise pollution for better sleep and more authentic home theater experience, energy-efficient blackout lining reduces heat and sunlight in warm weather and insulates to keep out cold during winter months. The rich velvet texture of this window panel provides a sumptuous look which enhances a variety of decorating styles.
white MINK FAUX FUR throws and pillows
Smart and stylish little black dress jewelry organizer. he Little Black Dress jewelry organizer from Umbra is a super-thin, double-sided storage solution for jewelry, cosmetics, hair and fashion accessories, and all of life's curiosities. 39 clear pockets on one side hold earrings, rings, watches, pins, make-up and other small items. On the reverse, 24 tabs with hook-and-loop closures accommodate long necklaces, chunky bracelets, and other bulky items like headbands, belts, and scarves that most pocket organizers don't fit. The metal hanger can hang on a closet pole, wall or back of a door and the swiveling head provides easy access to both sides. With a simple flip, contents are visible at a glance.
Marilyn-Monroe-Posters-hollywood bedroom decorations - 50's Hollywood theme room - Marilyn Monroe Hollywood party theme decorations
Marylin Monroe standup all posters-hollywood theme bedrooms
Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys Wall Vinyl Decal
A cool and chic look is yours with this stacked acrylic ball table lamp, hollywood glam bedroom furniture-hollywood bedroom decorating diva style bedrooms
lurious damask print in white.
delicate pattern in Satin Nickel stainless steel creates a silhouette against the inner fabric shade. The shimmer of crystal adds a touch of elegance to this transitional style.
Crystal Candle Sticks
Elegance and Allure Set by Frank Ritter
Chandelier features a contemporary style with dripping crystal accents and a black shade.
Marilyn Monroe Metal Wall Art
Marilyn Monroe Bedding
The silver Square Pouf Otooman is as comfortable as it is stylish. Open the top, and you will find a compartment with ample storage space. Its sleek shine and shimmering clear jewels will be a perfect fir for your home or office.
What a heavenly way to rest your feet! Increase your home's cozy factor instantly with this fuzzy white ottoman, and watch as friends, family, and even pets are drawn to its cloud-like comfort.
Mirrored Chairside Chest-hollywood glam style decorating ideas - This hall chest reflects your classic sense of style - literally! Crafted from fine hardwoods, the chest is finished with beveled antique mirrors. Spacious storage comes standard - you'll have 3 drawers and 2 magazine storage areas at your disposal. From the Borghese collection.
Mirrored Chest in Silver Trim-hollywood glam style decorating ideas
Marilyn Monroe lips wall decals
Marilyn Monroe Comforter Set-celebrity bedding
Luxury White Bedding Set
Hang large mirrors, with an added extra touch, draw a kiss mark on a mirror, with red lipstick, offcourse!

DIY Make-up mirror - cut a frame from plywood and drill holes around the edge, paint and embellish with glitter and jewels, when dry, push one flashing fairy light bulb through each of the holes. Attach the frame to a plain mirror and hang on the wall within easy access of a plug socket.

Set a romantic mood with lighting, wall sconces with hanging crystals, scented candles,  and some fun with spotlight Lamps, crystal hanging lights, flashing neon lights or novelty themed table lamps.

Create a glamorous sleeping area with a luxurious canopy draped bed, tufted headboard or a unique round bed even better, with silk, satin, sheeny shiny bedding and dress the bed up with soft fluffy textured mink pillows and throws, fun star shaped pillows - feather boas and for the floor soft faux fur rugs, and stunning chaise lounge for relaxing.

Display different styles of  perfume bottles, award trophies - real or props, and furry novelty decorative accents.

Every starlet needs her manniquin head with an emergency wig waiting to be adorned, or to showcase all the sparkling diamond necklaces.

Add a little fun to the playrooms with  lifesize standups, novelty decor and 
Hollywood Movie props.
Hang  black and white posters  of hollywood stars, starlets and their film posters and reviews. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Frame autographed pictures of your favourite celebrities, or even better, enlarge any photos you may have of you with any famous stars.
HOLLYWOOD LIFE: Glamorous Homes of Vintage Hollywood
Homes of Hollywood's rich and famous - In 1969, Life photographer
Eliot Elisofon gained an insider's access to the dream homes and private lives of Hollywood's most intriguing legends,from Mary Pickford to Natalie Wood to Tony Curtis. Some of his photographs were published in 1969 in his book Hollywood Style - they have since become the ultimate map of stars' homes, one that takes an intimate tour through private Hollywood in its glory days.

Movie Star Homes: The Famous to the Forgotten
If you love Hollywood, architecture or are just curious about what kind of
homes the movie starslive in, you will find this book fascinating. Includes
over 350 entries - from silent greats (Garbo, Valentino) to modern day stars (Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston) - although the majority of the entries are the classic stars of yester-year. Each entry includes the address, a brief sentence or two about their career and fame followed by a paragraph about the house itself and a black and white photo. You might be surprised at how modest a lot of the homes are! An appendix gives "movie star homes by region" and "theme tours." If you are taking a trip to Hollywood, you will definately want to take this book with you, and it is a fun book to browse even if you are not going there.

Modern Glamour
Old-world Hollywood glamour embraces modern bold, decadent, rich,

Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol  wall mural
Marilyn Monroe Black Wall Sticker Decal
- add glamour to the bed -
sparkly bordered strip and  accented with faux crystal button tufts
Upholstered Headboard is a beautiful addition to your bedroom. The frame is made of wood and metal, which ensures strength and durability. The headboard is upholstered in soft leatherette. It is cushioned with foam filling for added comfort. The edges of the headboard have a sparkly bordered strip. It is accentuated with faux crystal button tufts, which add glamour to the bed. It has pre-drilled holes to attach itself to your bed easily. The Breen Upholstered Headboard by Williams Import Co. blends with almost all home decors, be it traditional or modern.
Hollywood Glamour Queen Bed and Nightstands Set
Black nightstands with antique silver accents, crocodile vinyl drawer fronts, crystal jewel knobs  finished with black marble Ultragloss
lots more bling furnishings here
audrey hepburn posters audrey hepburn prints hollywood themed bedroom wall art
marilyn monroe  posters marilyn monroe  prints hollywood themed bedroom wall art
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Hollywood style decorating ideas
Sheer Opulence: Glamour in Contemporary Interiors
One of the world's finest interior designers - sought by rock stars, royalty, movie stars, and the rich and famous worldwide - Nicholas Haslam presents his signaturestyle in Sheer Opulence. Never one for pure minimalism or overblown fussiness, the Haslam interior has chutzpah and a touch of opulence that seduces you the moment you experience it.
If your furniture isn't new, paint and decorate the furniture with jewels,  rhinestones and glitter, and dress it up even more with crystal knobs and pulls.

Add a film roll border around the room. Drape
gossamer  movie themed material on windows and/or walls.

Paint, stamp or stencil different sized
gold stars around window frame and door frame, or on picture frames.
This elegant, custom-look headboard is hand-upholstered and tufted in silky cotton/rayon shantung over plush polyester foam padding and a wood frame. - bedding: This fabric is made in Germany, at a mill that specializes in producing only silk. They are experts in this, and their silks are beautiful, lustrous, and completely machine washable. You can mix and match pieces from the other St.Geneve silk collections with Chale
variety of luxury bedding at
bedding inn luxury bedding
variety of luxury bedding at
bedding inn luxury bedding
variety of faux crystal tufted furniture here
Hollywood Glamour Style Oval 2-Drawer Faux Leather Upholstered Nightstand
Pink Satin Slipper Shoe Ring Holder
Headboard faux crystals
search at wayfair
Glam Mirrored Console/Desk
Crystal Ball Table Lamp