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American Farmhouse
American Farmhouse
Country Cottage Style
Country Cottage Style
Jessie Walker's Country Decorating
For those who want to create a classic country home that uses color, fabric, metal,
wood, ceramics, and collectibles with flair, this is an absolute must. First and foremost, it's
breathtaking to look at, with amazing photos that capture everything from Painted Pleasure to Country Collections and provide design inspiration for spaces indoors and out. Pour over lovely displays of period style, with tall upholstered chairs and a vertical step-back cabinet; vibrant mixtures of color; charming details such as homespun fabric, hooked rugs, and handmade quilts. Walker also offers advice on decorating possibilities and on finding vintage treasures that amplify the rustic theme. This book is a delight for those who love country/primitive decorating.

Primitive Decor - Americana decor
Americana decor - primitive americana themed bedrooms
American Farmhouse - Country Cottage Style - raggedy ann bedroom ideas
Americana decor decorating bedroom in Primitive Style
Americana decor  - American Farmhouse - Country Cottage Style - decorating bedroom in Primitive Style - raggedy ann bedroom ideas
American Farmhouse - Country Cottage Style - Decorate baby nursery with Raggedy Ann & Andy - primitive hearts and stars  theme bedrooms
Americana decor decorating bedroom in Primitive Style
Americana decor rustic Country Cottage Style - primitive americana themed bedrooms
Americana decor - Decorate baby nursery with Raggedy Ann & Andy - Primitive Country decor
Americana decor rustic Country Cottage Style - Primitive Country decor

Create a cozy cottage style with folk art country charm
with hints of

Celebrate patriotic Americana living in simple old and worn rustic style, in a primitive color pallete of navy, taupe, deep country red, burgundy gold.  
Primitive Decor - Americana decor - primitive farmhouse style decorating ideas
Primitive Decor - Americana decor
primitive rustic Country Cottage Style - americana themed Primitive Country decor

Bring warmth and character to any room with the look of Old Glory. Add a touch of vintage Americana to your decor with Stars and Stripes decorated furnishings and celebrate your patriotism with an American Flag wall hanging.
American country and folk art lovers rejoice
great in the Americana themed room
Accent with twig furniture

Dress the beds and decorate the walls with colorful quilts

Add a touch of American country Heritage to your mantle or shelf with rustic decor, rusty  Hearts & Stars accents. 
Create a wonderful folk art village on your coffee table or shelves.

Hang garlands of  Grapevine, Twigs  and berries with
Patriotic stars and stripes around a door or window frame
Celebrate your patriotism with this exquisite wall hanging American Flag. Made of hand-forged metal with an antique finish sure to lift up any room decor.

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primitive rustic Country Cottage Style - americana themed Primitive Country decor
Primitive Theme Bedroom decorating ideas

For the little girls bedroom, get creative with, Strawberries, Cherries, Apples, Sunflowers,
antique furniture  accented with floral and gingham fabrics for a deliciously adorable
country cottage garden style themed room

Add Raggedy Anne and Andy
for a classic vintage style theme.  Paint  or wallpaper with candy cane stripes.

Turn your bedroom into utopia with this alluring five-piece quilt set, which also features a tote bag.
American Wall Stenciling
beautiful image of post revolutionary America and this important art form.  Ms. Eckert Brown's extensive research is evident, and the illustrations are wonderful. This is the quintessential book for anyone who loves stenciling, art and American history.

Passion for Primitives: Folk Decor for Interior Design
Primitive, rustic, one-of-a-kind furnishings are wildly popular with a wide range of homeowners and professional decorators. Passion for Primitives, with stunning photographs, depicts the unpretentious honesty of pieces that come from the imaginations and hearts of the untrained artisans who created them. These furnishings, accent pieces, rustic architectural and structural elements, and displays of country collectibles and folk art are iconic Americana. This book unveils a legacy that is not only intrinsic to our historic design tradition,
but is newly flourishing throughout the country. Passion for Primitives is a photographic tour of
private homes throughout the U.S., ranging from country simple to modern.

Blackface Sheep is made from antiqued and textured resin for a primitive look.
Primitive Nesting Boxes - Smallest box is primitive stars with 1776, medium box is the word America and the largest box shows a primitive version of an American Flag

American Parade bedding- Quilts features embedded yo-yos in bright red, navy and khaki fabrics on a creme flax cotton base - primitive americana theme bedroom decorating ideas
Flat Dish Lamp with Star Shade Red Finish
fireplace accent mural - The quiet peacefulness of a primitive country village can now be a part of your home
fireplace accent mural
pattern number HS3601M
wood outhouses come in assorted styles. Each one has vine, moss & wire accents.
Covington Patriotic Americana Quilts-patriotic americana wall murals
americana murals
murals your way
Hootie is made from fabric that has been distressed to look primitive. He has button eyes, a twig beak and is accented with rusty jingle bells and a gauze scarf.
Dutch Colonial Homes in America
This lavishly-illustrated volume provides an unprecedented look at twenty-eight houses (plus eleven barns and other structures) built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by Dutch colonists in the north-eastern United States, primarily in upstate New York and along the Hudson River Valley, on Long Island and Staten Island, and in New Jersey. An authoritative work-- written by eminent experts in the field-- Dutch Colonial Homes in America explores the homes in their broader social context by focusing on the historical and religious forces of the times. This book is the first to investigate the meaning of the home and its aesthetics for the Dutch in America, and also the first to look at these homes as a form of art and craft and, importantly, the influence this form and these people had on the shape of the American house to come.



Primitive Decor - Americana decor
Whimisical heart-shaped rug is Woven from fine jute fibers.
metal lamp

Early American Country Homes: A Return to Simpler Living
Twenty Restored or renovated Early American country homes feature the myriad of different styles from around the country. The homes exude a simplicity that is somewhat rustic and somewhat country in an understated way. Tim Tanner also features some small cabins that have been made livable for today as well as decorating ideas and outbuildings. Early American Country Homes is an inspiration and resource for those who are interested in building, re-creating, restoring, or just enjoying a return to simpler styling in home design.

The Country Home (American Country)
Whether you are a newcomer to the country look or a long-time admirer, you can use this book
as inspiration for decorating--or simply accessorizing--your own home. You will find rooms that
display an effective mix of fine antiques and contemporary pieces, and those that are furnished with period reproductions. There are rooms that are intentionally spare, designed to display one or two valuable heirlooms, and rooms that overflow with flea-market finds, decoys, and quilts. Still others--decorated with lace, bric-a-brac, and richly upholstered furniture--embrace the flowery romanticism of the Victorian era.

Early American Country Interiors
An idea book for designing beautiful interiors that embody the essence of early American country style. As an advocate that something well designed will stand the test of time, author Tim Tanner has coupled basic design principles with a wealth of examples using wonderful old objects and materials, illuminating effective design ideas for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, pantries, and other spaces.

American Farmhouses: Country Style and Design
These simple homes speak to us of history and values, promising both comfort and protection.
The "country look" remains the single most popular American style. Despite social and economic changes and the whims of fashion, it continues to shape our design and decorating tastes. Now
in these lavishly illustrated pages, American Farmhouses offers a rich and inspiring survey of
country architecture and design, from painted furniture to porches, stenciling to saltbox houses.
Part of the appeal of country homes lies in their hand-hewn individualism and heritage of Old  World charm. Many familiar design elements derived from distinct traditions brought by the early settlers, then adapted to local conditions and materials. Even in the early twentieth century, most country houses were still designed and constructed by local craftsmen, resulting in an immensely rich variety still visible in farms large and small across the country.Today, the interior of a country home can be a meticulous restoration in a traditional style or a flea-market mix of furnishings and collectibles. The nearly twenty profiles of country homes in American Farmhouses, ranging from a rustic German-style house in Texas to a classic Greek Revival in upstate New York to a contemporary reinterpretation in Connecticut, are full of stimulating and original ideas.

Colonial Style
Nostalgia for a past that "was simpler, somehow better" has led to the enduring popularity of
Colonial-style architecture and decor, writes Crochet (Designer's Guide to Furniture Styles). While new Colonial-style houses are being built across the country, older homes are being restored to their past glory. Focusing on three house styles from the 17th and 18th centuries - Colonial, Cape Cod and Saltbox - Crochet shows readers how such homes can retain historically accurate features while accommodating modern needs. Without being too much of a purist (she advocates knocking down interior walls if a house feels claustrophobic), Crochet stresses the importance of creating a unified look: she's particularly keen on concealing televisions, microwaves and sinks by adapting period pieces of furniture to house them. While restoration buffs will relish the book's details on such things as quirk bead molding, gunstock corner posts and strap hinges, those seeking to bring some history to a newer home will find hints on incorporating salvaged floorboards or recreating authentic-looking plaster walls and wood paneling. Although the book is generally helpful and looks beautiful, it's marred by poor editing: some writing is sloppy, and repetitions abound (must we be repeatedly told, for instance, that decorative molding was more ornate in public rooms than in kitchens and servants' quarters?).

Romantic Prairie Style
Romantic Prairie Style embraces simple pleasures, comfort and the long-cherished ideals of natural beauty, simplicity and harmony with the earth. It's a style that says 'home' wherever you may be because, more than anything else, it's a mindset: gentle but strong, welcoming and lasting, durable yet sophisticated and, above all, real. Over the centuries, the humble dwellings built by European immigrants to the US in the 1880s have evolved into sturdier, more comfortable homes, which, depending on their geographic location, took on a variety of designs, be it a ranch, cabin, farmhouse, cottage or adobe. Each of these styles plays a role in prairie style and its enduring aura of romance and nostalgia. Here interiors bear the influence of European settlers and the poetry of the heart-warming authenticity of simple, natural textures, hand-hewn beams, bleached wood, weathered planks, woven blankets, cow-hide and Navajo rugs. It's a style inspired by the honesty of homespun materials of the past wedded to a flair for the present. It's flower-sprigged brocade, tawny leather, crisp eyelet and soft linen, corduroy with crochet trims, woolen plaids, cosy flannel and wispy organza. It's history retold and all about the enduring connection between people and places and the nostalgia we feel for a rural country life, a yearning for a simpler life, as embodied in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie.

Civil War Quilts
With over 170 photos and an engaging text, this book tells the stories of fourteen extraordinary
Civil War quilts and the women who made them. Some of these quilts tell love stories, others
relate the determination of women seeking an active role in the war effort, and some of patriotism and creative abilities of people caring about others. All of these quilts tell stories of struggle and survival. In addition, this book contains information for making traditional 19th century bindings and potholder quilts, plus over 45 patterns for making reproduction Civil War era quilts. Also included is information on reproduction fabrics and how to participate in modern soldier-related community service quilting. This book is a must read for any serious quilter, historian, or Civil War enthusiast.

A Day at Sunny Brook: Primitive Projects to Recall Home Life in the 1800s
This is a little tale about three sisters living in rural Lafayette County in the mid 1800s.Inspired by the rich colors of a vintage quilt, an 1899 book of advice, and a favorite doll, Maggie Bonanomi brings you the world of Sunny Brook School for Girls. Explore and make the necessary items for every part of their lives: classroom study, sewing, exercise, rest, finer skills and sleep.Maggie supplies the projects that will take the girls though their days! And what an abundance of projects: a sampler, mending baskets, a chatelaine, pincushions, a fireplace screen, pillows and more pillows, a throw, pinched purse, several hooked rugs, a bed cover, daily books, even a flower press. The golden hues of Sunny Brook School await you.
Colonials (Updating Classic America)
Chapter 1 discusses the history of the colonial home in America, and covers what makes a home "colonial" style. He covers everything; the Early American Saltbox, Georgian, Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, Federal and Adams style, Classical Revival, and Post WWII Colonials - even the differences between northern and southern colonials.

Chapter 2 is about remodeling an existing house. What types of additions work when you need to expand? Do you really need to expand at all? What are the planning and zoning considerations? He mentions the difficulties involved in getting the vaulted ceiling look,especially on the first floor since most colonials have two stories.

Chapter 3 deals with renovating an older colonial. There are special considerations for colonial
homes that were built in the 17th and 18th centuries, such as how to hide the wiring or how to
create a 21st century bathroom. There are different problems involved for someone trying to
renovate a colonial home that was built in the 1950's. One interesting example shows a saltbox
house believed to have been originally built in 1694. The owners were attempting to undo a series of previous renovations that had occurred over the years and, in the process, made some very interesting archaeological discoverie.

Chapter 4 is for the intrepid soul who is building a new colonial home. You have a lot more freedom in the design when starting from the ground up.

Chapter 5 is entitled "A Fresh Perspective." It includes such informative subheadings as,
"This is not your father's colonial" and "A new sensibility." If you're a traditionalist, take
that as a warning. However, you don't have to be as "out there" with changes to your
own colonial home and there is a lot of good basic information in this book.

Add a touch of vintage Americana to your decor with the 'Stars and Stripes' 4 drawer chest. This attractive piece combines the classic, faux leather look of 'Old Glory'  Americana Village Rug. Welcome guests with the charming Americana village on this braided jute rug.
primitive americana wall art - Celebrate the spirit of the red, white, and blue with this wood-framed Americana art print. Featuring the American flag in a rustic indoor setting framed by a thick beveled wood frame, this piece is the perfect expression of patriotism
Watering Can On Chair - The rustic “Watering Can on Chair” by Cecile Baird is a realistic portrayal of items weathered by use.

The Liberty Collection pays tribute to Lady Liberty herself! Patriotic-inspired colors of blues and reds are found in this collection.
 features a patchwork of stars and ninepatch blocks.
Primitive Home Electric Light - Stylish decorative accent for any room decor

From the rustic iron holder to the bright red berry accent, this pretty hurricane candle casts a warm country glow in your home.
Beautiful wall hanging has a homespun country feel and includes warm, glowing candle light. The candles and red berries feature LED lights.
Rustic Barn Wood Decorative  Ladder Extremely Primitive
Primitive Country Harvest Star Wall Decoration
Distressed Wooden Boxes with Cutout Handles
Shelf with 5 Hooks primitive style decor
Nested Star Wooden Boxes