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gothic bedrooms - medieval decorating gothic style bedrooms - great ideas here for gothic bedroom decoration, gothic vampire style bedroom decorating ideas
and transform that dull room into a majestic Manor
Light up the romance in your medieval castle with  ......
Paint It Black: A Guide To Gothic Homemaking
Home decorating will never be the same. Close your curtains! Throw away your  summery linens!
Forget about those white eyelet pillow covers! And for Goth’s sake, buy some black lights!
Voltaire is here to help you with your home decorating dilemmas, guide you through the
hardware stores and decorating centers (which are so difficult for Goths to navigate), and lay it
all out on the line about which shade of black goes with which shade of black. In this world of
pastels and plaids, it’s so hard for Goths to find anything aesthetically appealing. You go in
search of Edward Gorey and wind up with an eyeful of Eddie Bauer. With Voltaire’s Paint It Black
you can turn the unbearably mundane into the delightfully macabre with little more
than a touch of creativity and a can of black spray paint.

Gothic Style
The revival of Gothic style, which began in the eighteenth century, has been associated
with a range of rationales that run from striking horror to reaching for the heavens.
Mahoney, senior editor for House Beautiful, has produced an impressively illustrated
survey of the Gothic style that starts with examples from the English landscape garden
and ends with the "transformation" of Gothic in the U.S. since the Civil War. Mahoney
vividly describes the personalities of notable architects and designers.
Gothic style Decorating Ideas
Gothic style Decor Ideas
Medieval - Gothic - Victorian - period style - decorating - design - reading material
Create a medieval castle in your gothic mansion. Decorate in gothic colors of: red, burgundy, purples, blue, green,tan, gold and black. Furnish the gothic bedroom with antique gold metal - silver - bronze - dark woods - wrought iron - stone

Paint gothic arches,faux brick walls or decorate with
stone walls wallpaper

Dress the bedroomchamber with rich
deep toned luxurious bedding fabrics.
Velvets, Brocades, 
netting, canopy over
or surrounding the bed.
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gothic style bedrooms    -    MEDIEVAL THEME DECORATING    -    gothic bedroom decor
gothic style bedrooms    -    MEDIEVAL THEME DECORATING    -    gothic bedroom decor
Twilight Theme decorating ideas added at the bottom of the page

So you want to decorate your room like twilight  - here be a few Twilight decorating ideas .....
create your own fantasy bedroom with your favorite twilight characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.
Let  your imagination run wild and design your very own unique twilight themed bedroom.

Colors to paint a twilight themed room ...

Black, white and red color scheme  for your twilight themed bedroom. Black for the dark side of Edward, White for their love and red for the vampire side of Edward..
Paint 3 white walls with a red squigly border (to represent dripping blood) around the top of the walls
1 Black wall with a large white rose with red edges and drip a little of the red to represent blood

Recreate the forests of Forks ...
1 wall with a  forest mural, attach bella and edward standups  so they appear to be standing in the forest
For a 3d effect attach artificial vines and flowers
Werewolf and wolf eyes,
wolves posters
Create a night sky with the moon,
clouds  and
glow in the dark stars
Bella from the new movie Twilight.
Edward from the new movie Twilight. Life Size Cutouts
Twilight Limited Edition Official Complete Jewelry Set of the Cullen Family includes: Edward Wristcuff, Alice's Choker, Rosalie's Necklace, Esme's Bracelet, and Carlile's Ring. The signature is hand-signed with a black marker and appears different for each set. This special touch to this set makes it worth collecting. The packaging is excellent, all items were securely strapped in to prevent damage during shipping. All of the Jewelry pieces have crests, the CULLEN Crest
Experience the entire twilight series on audio. any Twilight lover should have both the Audio and the twilight books. Twilight Designs is my shop that is featuring my Twilight Epic Love t-shirts and gifts. Based on the famous novel, Twilight continues to grow in the hearts of all true fans with it's fantasy love story that you can't help to love.
Twilight Theme Bedroom Posters - decorate your twilight theme bedroom with twilight theme posters. I want a twilight-themed room.
leaves are delicately hand-crafted into a beautiful tropical flower. Comes as a 10'' long string light with 20 string lights. End-to-end connectors, two replacement bulbs, one extra fuse, instructions and "the story" behind Buddha''s enlightenment included. No trees were harmed to produce these Flower Lights. A special treatment process strengthens the leaves so they become durable and translucent, and natural dyes are used to give the vibrant colors. I want a twilight-themed room.
debonair vampire costume - 
Victorian Vampiress Child - Child Victorian Vampiress includes: gothic gown with lace-up bodice and flowing inset, drape sleeves with gold trim and choker with stand up collar. Available in child sizes - 
Batavia Elite Collection Adult - A beautiful creation, with an abundance of style and gothic grace.

This elegant gown is a fully finished garment, flowing full length, zippered back, strapless gown made from Black velvet and Gray shimmer satin with boning to hold shape of bodice. Also includes fingerless spandex gloves with attached web like mesh cape, full tulle petticoat, and jeweled bat medallion on a Black velvet chocker.
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Graveyard Silhouette at shindigz
Twilight Epic Love Large Wall Clock - Twilight Edward Forever Large Wall Clock -  Twilight Love Forever Large Wall Clock
TWILIGHT Throw Pillows - Twilight Heart Throw Pillow -  Twilight Apple Throw Pillow - decorate my bedroom twilight theme Twilight Theme Pillow Cases. I want a twilight-themed room.
Walls of the Wild Wolf wall stickups for the Twilight theme bedroom
create the perfect Twilight theme bedroom with twilight themed wall sticker  wall words. You are looking at the wall graphic inspired Twilight Cullen Crest. The graphic is 12" X 18". You can pick your color just PLEASE leave a note when checking out with your color choice. EyeCandy Signs is the place to find decorative wall letters and wall art. It's a fast and easy way to get that hand painted look at a fraction of the cost and time on walls, furniture, mirrors and more. We offer pre-pasted, pre-spaced transfer wall lettering and decorative wall art. Use these vinyl decals on any surface that you can think of. They are great ways to spice up your vehicles, boats, laptops, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, toolbox, helmets, mirrors, walls, doors... etc! You can pick your color, Just let us know at time of check out what color you prefer.offer the following colors: With EyeCandy Signs and your imagination the possibilities are endless! All orders will come with an application tool and a printed sheet of application instructions. Just follow the steps below to create your Expressive Wall. The graphic is ready to apply and is cut from high quality Avery vinyl film with a outdoor life of 6 yrs and should last for a very, very long time indoors (25+yrs.). The Logos and lettering are removable and you can pick your colors that best suits the room that this design is going in.
Officially Licensed Twilight mirror. This mirror is about 18" x 12". It's framed in a black matte wooden border. The mirror has a quote etched into it. "The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest." Mirror is brand new in the box. Twilight Theme Decorating Ideas
Wall Art Decal Sticker Chess Board Pieces - The newest interior design trend is adding vinyl art on interior walls. It's easier than hiring an artist and a lot cheaper. The smaller pieces can be put up within minutes. The larger pieces takes a little longer. The decals can be applied to all smooth surfaces, such as walls, windows, tiles, mirrors and doors.
Large graphic 11 X 23 Vinyl Graphics are the latest innovation in home decor
Add a touch of Gothic finery with this stunning torch-style sconce! Graceful matte-black platform securely holds a thick pillar candle; fastens quickly to any wall. Iron.
gorgeous candelabra is crafted of iron and has a black finish. Features a scroll design inspired by the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg. It accomodates 3 pillar candles with a 4" diameter (not included). 60" high by 15.75" wide and 30.75" long. A wonderful addition to your home decor, indoors or outdoors.
An unquestioning servant arisen from its stifling grave in devoted supplication to its pampered mistresses assistance. A dramatically different and substantial jewelry stand poised to be casually draped with all the rings and necklaces of any special haunting value.
cool wall hanging features an evil looking vampire bat atop a Gothic coffin. The coffin lid comes off, revealing a hidden stash area 4 inches by 1 inch by one inch. It's a great place to keep car keys or extra cash. Crafted of cold cast resin, it has a black and gray enamel finish to give it a creepy, Gothic look.
Fleur de Lis Cross
design toscano
 elegant fleur-de-lis, symbol of French royalty and the trinity, this stylized wall cross echoes the great crosses of Europe. Foundry cast, it is created in solid quality iron with a faux bronze finish, and measures over a foot-and-a-half tall. This Toscano exclusive is an artistic, heirloom quality reminder of the sanctity of life and of the beauty of the ages.
Fleur-de-Lis Boxes
Black Coffin Box - Collectible Vampire Casket Container Gothic Model
Home Flocked Comforter Set - Purple
at target
York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Bench
Design Toscano
19th century antique replica in the Jacobean style, our signature solid mahogany buffet is embellished with deep hand carvings including a caricature of a nobleman, melon bulb turnings and floral arches.
Tales of mythical Marshgate Castle tell of dragon trophies lining its long, echoing chambers. Electrify your own castle walls with our intricately sculpted designer resin dragon that stands a full 15" from the wall and holds a hanging 6" dia. glass orb from its menacing mouth
dragon talon will seemingly burst through your wall to hold our 6" glass globe aloft in this electric torchiere echoing medieval European legend. Electrify your own castle with a single designer resin work of art or with several mounted to line a corridor.
Elegant Gothic Lolita Style umbrella
Light up your home with a lamp featuring the noble guardian of the wild. Simply touch the chrome and glass base to turn on and adjust the lighting level.
Moonlight Wolf Decorating Kit - turn any party venue into the mystical forest of Forks, Washington. Each moonlight wolf theme kit includes five fabulous props. Decorate any vampire themed party with the mystical Moonlight Wolf Decorating Kit
Moonlight Wolf Decorating Kit
Vampire Party Decorations at shindigz
Gothic Prayer Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry
search at design toscano
Holding a dark stone-encrusted rosary in her upturned hands, a mysteriously daring maiden conjures up an ancient, heartfelt prayer punctuated by soulful tears. The dramatic contrast between dark cloak and milky white skin is punctuated by our Design Toscano vinyl-canvas wall scroll tapestry that hearkens back to the parchments of ancient libraries and mystical altars. With its black wooden rod and finials and its ebony ribbon hanger, this enviable work from the painting by artist Ann Stokes
Forest Murals - decorate your twilight theme bedroom with forest murals - decorate my bedroom twilight theme
RED GLASS APPLE FIGURINE - fun decorative accent for the twilight theme bedroom

Create a Bella themed bedroom mixed with a little Edward ...
Purples, blues, grays, and black with a splash of white and yellow in accents.
Devote 1 wall to display cds, or add a variety of 
shelves  to hold cd's.

create a vampires lair ... can be dark and vampy
paint a feature wall black, let dry, with a towel rub red paint over the black walls.
Black satin bedding. Red velvet drapes. Purple scatter cushions
Black chandelier  for lighting. Novelty coffin themed accents.
Hang a few bats in the corner

Another idea for the Edward and Bella standups, place them on either side of your bed, free standing ... or use Edward, Bella, as Life size mural cut outs attached to the wall.

Depending on your artistic talent, you could dedicate each wall to a book cover. Either painted freehand or the easier option, supersized pictures of the book covers displayed in bold frames.

Stencil quotes from the books, 
" And So the Lion Fell in Love with
the Lamb" ~ Edward Cullen (Vampire).

make mobiles of red apples and red roses

Black furniture
Blood red bedding
RED APPLE Wallpaper Cutouts Wallies Delicious
Framed pictures of Edward and Bella
Twilight themed home decor - official movie merchandise
lifesize edward cullen wall mural sticker
Twilight Wallscroll featuring the Characters Edward and Bella from the new Twilight Movie. This Twilight Wallscroll is made up of high quality fabric WallScroll. This is a great collectible and also a great wall art. Features characters from the Twilight Movie - Twilight "Edward and Bella" fabric Wall Scroll. Twilight Theme Decorating Ideas
Twilight Wallscroll features the character Cullens from the new Twilight movie. This Twilight Wallscroll is made up of high quality fabric WallScroll. This is a great collectible and also a great wall art. It is a vampire love story. Twilight Theme Decorating Ideas
Alhambra Collection Round Large Wrought Iron Chandelier
at lamps plus
wrought iron chandelier brings a touch of European history to your decor. The intricate ironwork details add enchantment to any home.
Decorate the haunted mansion Halloween Style
Gothic Revival Oak Chair  -  You might’ve seen them flanking a fireplace or nestled in the grand hallway of a medieval castle, but it’s rare to come across another work of fine furniture art like this solid oak English antique replica. From its trefoil top with quatrefoil detail to its multi-tiered fretwork, our late 18th-century work boasts a bevy of hand-carved detail that makes it both sculptural and architectural in character. This elegant, scaled chair rises from turned and tapered legs, with its wide seat and scaled back providing superior comfort, gothic style furniture.
The Dragon of Upminster Castle Throne Chair  -  throne not only belongs in a castle, it IS a castle! Though noted dragon artist Moore is revered for the intricacies of his art, he’s outdone himself with this impressively detailed, medieval-style work of furniture art. Our exclusive statement piece required weeks to create—from the Celtic knotwork on the seat to the bricked arms and the castle turrets rising from the dragon-crested back. Finally, the throne was cast in quality designer resin with a dark greystone finish for a commanding presence in any room of your home!Gothic Bedroom Design gothic home decor gothic style furniture.
This gorgeous Day of The Dead Dod Ballroom Girl Statue Figurine has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere. The Day of The Dead Dod Ballroom Girl Statue Figurine is truly remarkable.
Enjoy the shining beauty of the moon right at home with Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room. This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon. Moon in My Room lets you experience the awe-inspiring sight of our moon at any time. The lights are specially arranged to mimic the phases of the moon, going from a new moon to full moon and all the phases in between. Teach your child about the solar system while watching Moon in My Room show off the moon's progression from dark to light.
Recreate the Twilight experience with your own piece inspired by Bellas engagement ring. This engagement ring was given to Bella by Edward, Twilights loveable characters, and can now be your dream ring as well. Barbie Collector The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Edward Doll: Part of the Barbie Pink Label Collection. Stephenie Meyer's story concludes with Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment in the Twilight saga. The final Edward and Bella dolls in the Barbie Collector Twilight series are inspired by the fourth book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, in which Edward and Bella get married. Edward doll dressed in his wedding scene attire from the film. The Edward character was portrayed by Robert Pattinson in the film. A must have Barbie Collector doll.
For a dangerously intimate encounter; blood red Swarovski crystals drip from the thorns of peril and passion. If you want a one of a kind "WOW" piece, Alchemy Gothic is the place to get it. Not only are you getting a unique and quality product, but a finely detailed and crafted piece of timeless artwork.
lovely purple cameo cushion is hand made with a very soft black lace boarder. It centers a stunning Victorian style cameo female profile that is embraced with a white ornamented frame. An extraordinary piece to decorate a room with.
Gothic Prayer Wall Sculpture
In medieval times, ancient architects and stone carvers used gargoyles on buildings as a way to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. This winged gargoyle will keep watch over your bedroom or living room, and is sure to be admired.
variety of bedding    at target
Metallica Smocked Comforter Set-gothic style bedroom decorating ideas
Metallica Smocked Comforter Set-gothic style bedroom decorating ideas
Button Tufted Leather Match Relax Chaise, ideal for the vampire lair.
Gothic Cathedral Arch Mirror
Lion Gargoyle Votive Candle Holder - Collectible Gothic Candleholder
Zombie Graveyard wall mural  at murals your way
dramatic Acanthus candelabra is crafted of wrought iron with an antiqued rustic finish. Features a twisted iron and acanthus leaf design. Holds 5 taper candles
purple bedding-gothic wall murals-maries manor theme bedrooms
Gothic - Camelot - Knights & Dragons - Medieval Times Theme bedroom decorating ideas
Victorian Gothic House Style: Interior Design for Home Owners
Discover how to recreate and restore authentic period architecture, furnishings and detailing in the Victorian Gothic  style. Victorian Gothic House Style provides the ideal source of inspiration and reference for anyone wishing to re- create or preserve Gothic houses and interiors with style
and confidence. Picturesque castles and cathedrals with spiky towers, high-gabled roofs
and medieval ornament provided just the escape needed from all the rigours and  gritty reality
of the industrial revolution.

Medieval Renaissance Stained Glass in Victoria and Albert Museum
More than 100 color plates and selected color details show the full range of this magnificent
collection, from large panels from key churches and cathedrals such as La Sainte-Chapelle,
St. Germain des Prés, Cologne, Bruges, Canterbury, and Winchester to small but no less beautiful
fragments. Commentaries on each of the pieces reconstruct their original context and explain their
imagery; the text discusses techniques, themes, and major centers of production.

Victorian Stained Glass Pattern Book: 96 Design Projects
authentic Victorian patterns adapted for stained glass workers. Exquisite leaf patterns, intricate
scroll designs, florals, borders. Use whole or in part for windows, transforms, panels, lampshades,
mirrors, frames, mobiles or other craft projects. The patterns are large, so photocopy and
enlargment is easy and clear. Designs are also relatively simple

Gothic Sanctuary End Table
Gothic door on Notre Dame ca wall mural
at murals your way
Accent the bedroom or home with Gothic
steeple style furniture. Gothic Arches  - Wall Sconce. Candelabras - candle holders.
Ornate Carved picture frames. Tapestry wall hangings. Decorative wrought iron wall grilles. Gargoyles - Dragons - Swords - Goblets - Candles - Celtic Cross - Suit of armor - Banners - Scrolls 

Adorn windows with
Iron curlicue scroll
curtain rods, heavy
drapes, big  tassles
fleur de lis finials.

Get really creative and design your own stained glass windows 

elegant look of this wooden frame mirror with its gothic style arches is perfect for an entryway or dining room. The graceful arches of the wooden frame add depth to its design and features a gray wash finish.
Black bed canopy Flocking Black and Red bedding gothic bedrooms
Zombie Graveyard wall mural-gothic style Taffeta Rose 3D Design Decorative Throw Pillow gothic theme bedrooms
Gothic Revival - Art and Ideas
At the height of the Victorian period, a craze for Gothic style swept England and spread far
beyond. Gothic architecture, associated with the social and cultural ideals of the Middle Ages,
was seen as a means of remaking the modern world. Gothic history in the 17th century to Barry
and  Pugin's Houses of Parliament in the mid-19th century. Yet Gothic is not just buildings:
continually recreated, it  has taken the form of poetry and fiction, of painting and sculpture, of 
movies and video games, of Gothic music  and Gothic punk. Gothic became a dominant cultural
and architectural force not only in 19th-century Britain, but  across Europe, in the United States
and in the countries of the British Empire. This book deals comprehensively with the Gothic Revival. To truly understand Art Nouveau (and its successor, Art Deco) in the organic forms first created by neo-Gothic architects. If you wishe to better understand 19th and early 20th century architecture (and perhaps their own local parish church building), this is a very good introduction to the subject. Fantastic introduction to or  review of the contraditory meanings of "Gothic Style" after the Middle Ages.
vampires lair-style bedroom gothic themed decorating gothic bedrooms
Traditional Stained Glass Designs
Beautiful patterns in this book are rendered directly from historic homes. The patterns are
organized into five sections:  Art Nouveau, Victorian Geometric, Victorian Floral, Edwardian and
The Twenties. All patterns are for windows, doors,  sidelights and the like. There are no craft,
lamp or jewelry projects included in the book. Black and white designs

Stained Glass : From its Origins to the Present
Covers the development of stained glass from early medieval time through the present day. This is a reference book. You will not find patterns or techniques in it; and it does not examine any particular set of windows in depth; but it does frame the development of style and technology.

Celtic cross stitch

Celtic Art designs. DIY project designs for: cushions, floor rugs, table cloths, place mats, -  alphabet designs, classic knots and animals  - variety of books full of ideas for creating modern adaptations of a marvelous old  art form.

gothic Black Satin Sheets-gothic bedroom decorating